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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wingdings (This word is in my head.)

I managed yesterday to get a cell phone shot of the woman who wears the horrible hat. I'm actively looking for another opportunity to get an even better shot in hopes that I might be able to post it here (with her ratty face blurred out of course). That picture needs to go on People of Walmart, it's THAT bad. We'll see if I can get a shot today... it almost feels like I'm a wildlife photographer. Hell, that fucking hat IS wildlife. My brother asked me if it was the rat hat:

Usually, I sit on the left side of the bus. I switched it up yesterday and to my extreme surprise and happiness, we passed a florist with a 'help wanted' sign in the window. I called before I clocked in at Walmart and they are hiring and especially need people for Valentine's Day. This would be a complete blessing if I could squeeze in there. Positives: not Walmart, not groceries, less annoying people to deal with, I wouldn't have to take the bus. Negatives: still not a Psych career... but it's an improvement. Before I leave for work today I am definitely going over there to fill out an application. Just the thought of not having to be at Walmart anymore made me infinitely more cheerful at work yesterday. We'll see how it goes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

One more day and then I get Saturday off... I swear, Walmart has been so dead it's no wonder they haven't sent people home. I would be quite willing to leave early, no doubt about it. For the last two hours I was doing re-shop which I completely suck at it. I really try to find where shit goes but I usually end up with like two or three items that I can't find where they go and I just shove them somewhere after I look around and make sure no associate can see me. Whatever. I don't care. The people that work in the specific section should be dealing with that crap. And for the record, the people in the ladies' clothing department totally suck. Signs are always wrong and a customer will often tell me they got a $15 shirt off a $10 rack. They suck.

You know what makes me feel awkward? Standing in a group of women as they recount their birthing experiences. That happened yesterday. Trailer Park Girl recounted nearly giving birth to one of her children in her front seat (wow, that's really far-fetched... was it parked in your front lawn of your trailer?). Another girl (I call her Lazy Girl because she's always away from her register) told of getting a spinal tap. Hearing these stories makes me feel very awkward because 1) I have nothing to contribute to the conversation and 2) I don't fucking care. Why do a lot of women act like the fact that they gave birth is something completely new and not something that millions upon millions of women have had to do? The way they were talking reminded me of war veterans reminiscing about some battle. It's annoying. Maybe it'll be different if I have any kids someday. Or maybe I'm not a typical girl. I don't like talking about manicures or pedicures (never had either) or boys or anything else girly. I'd rather talk about more interesting things. Like politics, zombies, true crime, psychology, or some stupid and funny movie.

I've noticed something: some People of Walmart WORK at Walmart.

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