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Monday, January 24, 2011

The New National Pastime: Consumption!

I've been trying to force myself to write a post all morning. I have been unsuccessful so far because the last thing I have wanted to think about has been work.

All days at work are sucky days because you have to be there instead of sitting on the couch watching "River Monsters" while eating frozen pizza. There are okay days, shitty days, and days where if you don't turn off your brain you're going to be bawling on someone's groceries. Yesterday was the latter kinda day.

I guess it was emotional fallout from the night before because we went to go look at a second car (with lots of hope in our hearts that this car would be awesome and I'd finally get my wheels back to go and find a better job!) and nothing with the car worked out. It was a great car but the financing and payments really didn't work out for us. So, we're still a single-car family and I'm still fucking stuck at the Wall.

I started my shift giving breaks to other cashiers and as I was standing and waiting to relieve someone, I couldn't help but feel like screaming. I was standing in the middle of a huge crowd of people waiting in line. Kids were screaming, people were loud and there was just so much movement, noise, and people. It was one of those times where there is just too much stimulation that your senses are overwhelmed and all you want to do is find anywhere you can be alone and quiet. It was at this moment I fully realized something which I hadn't thought about: Walmart is the embodiment of everything I hate.

-Typical fat Americans buying more food.
-Loud kids.
-Meaningless jobs.
-Huge corporations and "being a part of the Walmart family" (fucking gag me).

Just by looking at all the customers yesterday, it is no wonder that George A. Romero modeled zombies after consumer America. They shuffle, stumble, form unintelligible noises, and CONSUME. Eat and consume, consume and eat! That's all anyone in this country seems to do and Walmart is the place where it all seems to go down. And I fucking work there. I facilitate that behavior that I despise so much. I'm a consumption enabler.

And for the record we have the shittiest registers and debit machines that I have ever encountered. Every register that I went on yesterday (because I had to give breaks to people) had something wrong with it. I'm sure the machines see their share of wear and tear (wow, that really rhymes) and people beat the hell out of those things. You know the little pen that's attached that you write on the screen with? Someone shook it like an ink pen yesterday and I nearly busted out laughing. People think that by stabbing the screen with the pen that it'll magically work better. It doesn't. If anything you are making it worse.

A lot of the cashiers are really piggy too. I'm sick of going on a register and there's trash and junk everywhere. No one cleans up after themselves and I don't know how they can work in a trash heap. What sort of impression does that leave on customers too?

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