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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Early Shift Pains

I worked yesterday morning from 7-330 and it was the earliest shift I have ever had while working at Walmart. I arrived at my register, still waiting for the coffee to kick in and wake me up, and Mindless Cashier Girl (who I mentioned before, the one who "respects bagging choices) was at the express lane next to me.

"Good morning, sunshine!" she turned to me with her snide smile and ugly glasses.

Now, since a young age I have been extremely touchy in the mornings. My father used to sing an original song called "It's a Happy, Sun-Shiny Day!" whenever I refused to get up at an appropriate time. Mornings and I do fine when I am left alone to wake up on my own, I don't need anyone beaming at me and telling me what a wonderful day it is until I wake up.

When she opened up my day with this shitty line, I immediately had to calm myself down and resist the urge to grab the hand scanner and repeatedly hit her in the face with it. Instead, I opted to make a little joke,

"Morning... I don't know who I pissed off to make me come in this early!" Apparently she didn't get my joke because she just plainly stared at me like someone had shut her down to reboot her, her blank and beady eyes stared me down. I then had to uncomfortably explain my joke, "You know... because I've never had to work this early before."

She must have not realized how she had tempted fate earlier by calling me 'sunshine' because an hour later when I was returning a hand cart, she turned to me and said, "Smile!"

Oddly enough, she hardly ever smiles. On very few occasions have I seen her smile, and it's not a very attractive smile at that. It's one of those where they look at you, smile, and you shudder inside and think, "UH!" and hope they stop soon or look at someone else. She doesn't show her teeth, just a mouth smile and it wrinkles her face and looks pretty ugly, actually.

It took all my strength to NOT react to her second annoying attempt at my cheerfulness. I wasn't standing there with a frown, I just... stand there pretty neutrally. I'm not the type to smile like an idiot for no reason, I'm just not bubbly. I'll never be bubbly or extraverted. Those activities wear me out and seem rather pointless. I'll never be a small-talk person either. I'm here to work, greet you, check out your items, thank you and send you off. I may throw a joke here in there in the mix (but they usually don't get it anyways and then I feel stupid for trying).

Between a lull in customers I actually caught her weirdly staring me down from across the cashier walk-way, it was kinda creepy and made me give a wide-eyed "What are you doing?" look back at her. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to seeing her around the front end. She's freaking weird.

Yesterday brought to life a new pet peeve I have: people who read my name tag and think that gives them license to call me by name. I have never had the necessity to call a cashier/server/anyone out in the consumer world by their name. I don't like it because when they come up and say, "Hello, [name]!" My instant reaction is, "How the fuck do you know my- Oh, name tag."

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