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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's TMI?

There are some things that shouldn't be said in the grocery store checkout line.  Some things are a little too personal for such a public setting.  It seems that no one has any qualms anymore about letting me overhear certain things (and even other customers either).  Perhaps it's because I'm just a cashier and therefore not a real person and it doesn't matter if a person like me hears such things.

Your impending booty call is not something I want to overhear.  

"You can't take me for sushi but you want some butt?" my customer said over her phone as I rang up her order.   And who says "some butt" and isn't it supposed to be referred to as "ass"?

Your impending douching ritual is not something I want to overhear either.

The husband placed the Summer's Eve on the belt and turned to his wife in a voice above a whisper, "What do you need that for?"  I just shook my head and proceeded to bag the douche (Side note: Why do douches have such weird scent names?  Intimate whispers?  Island splash?  I just picture some lady in the tropics standing with her legs open as a wave crashes.  Yuck.)

"I like to use it after I have my period." Oh yeah, thanks lady.  Now I am picturing a bloody vadge, thank you for that.  

Your cashier doesn't want to hear about your bodily functions.  Don't talk about the condoms, enema, douches, pads, hemorrhoid cream, lube, or pregnancy test that I just scanned.  Your personal life is of no interest to me (most especially your body problems).  Just NO.  

I was reading in my book Generation Me, that this over-sharing of information is just another sign of how people have changed.  Years ago I highly doubt anyone would be displaying their douching ritual for the world to overhear.  Certain things were just not talked about and while the side of me with the psychology background says that's a good thing, in some cases it's not.  In cases where the information is gross and disgusting, I'd rather not hear about.  I've even had people on my Facebook telling the world and their friends how breastfeeding has made their breasts feel.  That is just something I couldn't care less about and I gain no benefit knowing. 

Is that also a sign of how people have changed too?  They think that just because something is happening to them, it is therefore important and something that other people care about?  People nowadays have no thoughts about the discomfort of others and you can see this in this chronic over-sharing of gross shit to the person that blasts their music out of their car windows to the person that lets the door slam in your face instead of holding it.

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