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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sam Is Watching You!

I woke up pretty late today because I am overly tired from the trip home and from working all day yesterday. So instead of having six hours to hang out before work, it was reduced to three. Why did I even leave when I just have to be back so soon?

Yesterday was the first day I had to commute in the rain and luckily I found an umbrella. It was windy, cold and wet at the bus stop and since I forgot my new gloves at home, my hands were numb by the time the bus got there. Pair that with a wet dollar bill that wouldn't go into the fare machine, accidentally brushing the bus driver with my crazy non-collapsible umbrella (and gaining a dirty look from her), and not being able to see through my rain soaked glasses... it wasn't a fun commute. Oh, and the crazy half Japanese/White guy was at the back of the bus spouting philosophical crap to other passengers that either of them understand and saying everything so loud that I could hear plainly at the front of the bus. Why does it seem that only nutcases ride the bus?

It was a very slow day yesterday. Probably because everyone has spent their food stamp money already.

You can tell it's the new year because a lot of my orders contained a huge amount of diet food. And honestly, the people who bought it really only had to lose like five or ten pounds (if any) which is really annoying.

We have a new zone manager (whatever the hell that means, I'm guessing she manages the cashiering section?) and she came up to introduce herself to me in the most annoyingly perky and optimistic way. She also waited until I was actually helping customers so I couldn't rightfully pay full attention to them or what she was saying in my ear. I did catch a bunch of bullshit that new managers say when they get on the job and are optimistic and excited to tackle new things and blah blah blah. Then, after a few months she'll realize that nothing's going to change and she'll have to accept her dreams of a well-oiled cashier machine are futile.

But, I'm sure I made my own mark upon her memory. While I was gone they've implemented a survey thing where we right our name on a sticker, place it on their receipts so we can get their feedback and they get a chance to win $1,000. While in the midst of explaining this to me, I'm sure my eyes glazed over and the words "I don't care" appeared like a scrolling marquee. She was saying some shit about the cashiers being at their lowest something or other... (speed? morale? happiness?) I was only half listening because I was busy and her high optimism and excitement over something so trivial to me made me zone out. She basically said, "And you want our numbers to be up, right?"

Me: "Well, I'm only supposed to be seasonal."
Delusional Manager: "Oh, so you'd like to not be seasonal, right?" *smile, hopeful look*
Me: "Uhh... do I have to answer that right now?"
Crazy-Happy Manager: "Yes, if you can."
Me: "Well, I have a degree."
Perky Manager: "So do I."
Me: "Yeah, well I don't want to work in customer service."
Manager: "Okay, well we can talk about this later."

The customer then interrupted our interesting exchange by contesting our price of our Crisco. Nice going, moron. For once I was having an interesting conversation with someone at work. I'm guessing she didn't expect the conversation to go that route.

But, she made me feel like I should [want] to work there as a cashier or at Walmart in general. Fuck you. It's not my fault you have a degree and settled. Yeah, you have a degree and you're a manager at Walmart... but still... you work at [Walmart]. And why should anyone care of I really want to work there forever? I show up, do my job, leave me alone. She can come at me again with a conversation like that but she better be ready for a battle.

I'm starting to think that I'm beginning to sound like a whiny baby, stomping my feet and throwing a fit while screaming, "I have a degree!!" Some other cashier talked to me yesterday and was surprised when I said I didn't like working at Walmart. What the fuck is wrong with these people? It's like they've been imbedded with a Sam Walton microchip. I guess I should shut up with the Walmart-hate, it might get around. But seriously, would they get rid of me for not wanting to work at Walmart yet I show up and do my work like I'm supposed to? Can they fire someone for not desiring to work there?

Ever look at a kid and then at his/her parents and think, "Wow, I'm so glad they aren't my parents!" I had one of those kids yesterday who grabbed two candy bars, put them on the belt and when the mom saw that there were two she said to the dad, "He owes you for one." The kid look incredulous and said, "But, you said I had a good report card..." So, this kid gets good grades but they can't even buy him two candy bars? That's fucked up.

While clocking out yesterday I noticed a new picture of Sam Walton that was comprised of inspiring words and the question, "Who inspires you?" next to it. I wanted to fucking gag. The only thing that inspires me about Walmart is that I know I want to do anything to get out of it. And not only that, but in the personnel office there are a few more pictures of Sam. Look, I know he started the company or whatever but do we really need the multiple 8x10's? While you're in the office if feels like Sam is constantly looking over your shoulder.

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