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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Hat Angers Me

Uncle Buck

Now, when I watched this movie before I always thought that this scene was funny because I thought, "Why would the sight of a goofy hat anger someone?" Well, I can now totally vouch for that. One of the cashiers has been wearing a similar hat for months which she's now changed to make an even worse combo: one of those ear-covering headbands AND a loose beanie which sits high on her head. She makes the rest of us look like idiots. I'm surprised that anyone goes to her line because she looks like a fucking weirdo. But, the sight of both different types of headgear does illicit feelings of anger from me. I absolutely hate her hats with a passion. If she came off as a nice, friendly person I would feel bad about this. But, she's one of those cashiers that are friendly to the customers and then treat her fellow cashiers at a distance and/or rudely.

Yesterday I lucked out and for the last hour and a half of my shift I got to do some lame Computer Based Learning. Fine with me. I'd so rather be sitting on my butt far away from customers and taking tests on stupid shit. Yesterday I had the lesson on inappropriate behavior. It was all I could do to stifle my laughter on some parts. It touched on sexual harassment (which, that's a separate CBL and I cannot wait to do that one!) and it showed a picture of a very heavy set female associate with short, curly hair and glasses (which only served to emphasize her chunkiness) and a decent looking guy putting his hand on her shoulder. She was doing a very funny and uncomfortable-looking sideways glance toward him. Apparently this was an example of unwanted touching but it left me wondering, "Would [this] guy really go after [that]?" I guess it's possible. Maybe he's into heavy set soccer moms?

There was one woman yesterday that gave me a headache. She had a huge cart load of stuff and I was being helpful by getting another cart, loading what I had already bagged while she could unload her cart onto the belt. But, as the transaction progressed, I was doing it less out of niceness and more out of a want to get her annoying ass out of the store. She was one of those people that regardless of how light the fucking bags are, she's got to double bag everything. That plastic bag containing two chip bags? Yep, double bagged. I can totally understand the heavier items being double bagged but bread and chips?! Wow, you really don't give a shit about how many bags you're sending to the landfill, huh? She's probably got her own pile of bags in the landfill. It got to the point where I nearly double bagged her head and smothered her. And for the rest of the day I had a headache. Thank you, Annoying $530 Order Woman. (Yeah, that's a lot of stuff!)

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