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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Customer Germs

I'm blaming one of my customers for giving me a cold. I have never gotten sick so frequently in my life but, I also have never come into contact with this many germs in my life.

Speaking of germs, I have noticed something that people do that gross me out: fail to put produce into bags and place it on the belt. Let me tell you, that belt is probably the dirtiest thing in the store (except the public bathrooms!). It gets blood from the meat, chicken juice and customer germs all over that thing. I try to find time to wipe it down but sometimes there isn't time until the lines get shorter. I thought it was common sense to not put open food on something like that but apparently it's not. Also, I'm touching your food to bag it. Your open broccoli is coming into contact with my fingers which touches anything from chicken juice to sticky soda to leaking soap. Yeah, put it in a bag.

I've discovered another brand of customer: the Onesiders. They unload their carts and put one item each, in line and leave one side of the belt completely bare. This causes the next customer to not be able to put their things up because they've taken up more space.

All through my shift yesterday it was pouring rain and I'm so glad it was the weekend because that meant that I had the car! Before moving here to Virginia, I lived in Arizona where we hardly got any rain at all. And when it did rain, the roof of the local Walmart would leak and there would be buckets all around the store to catch it all. At the time, I attributed it to shitty local construction companies. Now, I can attribute it to shitty Walmart construction because our Walmart had buckets and puddles everywhere too. I can easily understand the Arizona Walmarts not standing up to the rain because it was the desert and hardly ever rained. But here where it rains quite a bit? Seems like the building was cheaply built, to me.

I was simultaneously asked to return a tray of chicken to the meat department and stand with a mop to watch over the puddle (so some stupid, sue-happy customer didn't walk into it). So, for a few minutes I'm sure I looked ridiculous standing with a tray of chicken legs and a mop. But, I feel ridiculous everyday working there.

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