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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eating Food While Shopping... FOR FOOD

For the first time in about three months, I went in one of the other Walmarts in our vicinity. It made the one I work in look pretty ghetto. Even the scanners made a less offensive *beep* noise (which I didn't think was possible, I thought all scanners sounded the same). It was weird to see people who work at Walmart that I don't know, almost like I was in a parallel universe.

Today will be one of the shortest work days that I have ever had at Walmart, 5-10. And while that would, under normal circumstances make me happy, tomorrow I work the same hours. So instead of having me work a regular 8 hour shift and be off tomorrow, they've screwed me and made it so there's only one day this week in which I am not at work (yesterday) but I still went to a Walmart!

One of the most typical "American" thing nowadays is Walmart. But you know what's even more typical, fat "American"? Standing in line, getting a bag of chicken strips, popcorn chicken, or potato wedges from the Walmart deli and taking the bag with you so you can eat while you shop for more food. Stereotypical, fat ass American.

If there's one thing that I absolutely loathe (among many, many things), is moving along the checkout belt and coming across open food. I don't care if it's a box of crackers, juice box, or the greasy popcorn chicken bag that has your greasy fingerprints all over it... I hate it all. It is very disgusting for multiple reasons:

1.) If your food is open there is a chance that I could touch it. Do you know how many things I touch in a day? And now my germy fingers are coming close to your open food. Yeah, it's gross.
2.) I don't even want to touch your fingers when you hand me money (because I hate that awkward, stranger hand touch that sometimes happens during a money exchange *shivers*) so what makes you think I want to touch anything you may have had near your mouth?
3.) Eating before you pay IS stealing, dumb ass. There are times when the card doesn't go through because despite your best wishes, hoping the money is there does not equal it being so. I've had people eat grapes before I get a chance to weigh them and that's THEFT!
4.) Giving your screaming brats food to appease them shouldn't be a condition for their good behavior. For one, that's just making us fatter because you're giving food to kids just because. And two, you're giving your kid food that doesn't belong to you yet. There's nothing more disgusting than weighing a spit-covered apple with a toddler bite out of it. That kid could have eaten it's own feces or something and now I have to touch it (and you're letting your kid eat an unwashed fruit that a cashier has now touched, doesn't that strike you as fucking disgusting?!).
5.) When you hand me an empty chip bag to throw away it makes me think that there was a chance you might have just thrown the bag away in some trash can around the store and completely stolen the chips since you ate THE ENTIRE BAG.

You can't just open a bag of tampons and plug one in while you're shopping around, why then do people think it's okay to forage for food around the grocery store?! There is no taste testing at the grocery store (unless you come across those little booths surrounded by people looking for free food).

To me, this act of taking and eating what doesn't rightfully belong to us yet is just further proof of how indulgent and selfish a society we are. I'm currently reading a book called Generation Me that basically explains how children of the 70's, 80's, 90's and into the 2000's have an astounding sense of self-entitlement. I see examples of this everyday during one of the most mundane of life's activities, grocery shopping.

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