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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too Much Information

Yesterday I stopped into Walmart to check what time I work today because I never bothered to write down my schedule. I fully expected not to be back but whatever. Walmart now feels different for me. I used to have fun going there and looking around but now it definitely isn't as fun because I am haunted by the horrific memories of Christmas Eve. I also didn't like the potential of seeing people that I work with on the other side of the register.

I went to one of my coworker's line and I have no idea if he recognized me or not. He didn't really act like he did so I'm hoping he didn't know it was me, the girl who's been calling off for the last three days but I magically show up to shop. He also exhibited one of the cashiering faux pas: TMI.

The "How are you?" question doesn't really need to be elaborated. Even when I was so sick that my voice came out like a croak, I never complained to the customer. Why would they care if I'm sick? The cashier complained that he had been stuck on the register next to the door for the duration of Monday's snow storm. Well, it's not my problem that you are so dedicated to your cashiering job that you felt the need to show up in a SNOW STORM while most people called off (and customers had to be fucking crazy or high to even think that going shopping was a better alternative than staying home where you can't slide into a ditch).

I hate when customers share too much with me (especially when they want to talk and talk and talk when I'm trying to shove them out of the line) so I'm not going to bother my customers with my problems. As a customer, I've had cashiers that seem to be more occupied holding a conversation than scanning my items. I hate this because the whole time they're talking, I'm not paying attention to their story because I'm thinking "hurry up" the entire time.

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