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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Just a Cashier

So, I figure that I only have about five more days of being a Walmart cashier. They scheduled me for New Year's Eve and I'm taking off so, I'm done. One of my fellow seasonal hires has only 17 hours during the week after Christmas. Would it even be worth it to take not only one, but two buses to work for four hours a day?! No. That's why I'm not too sorry to be leaving. That and I wanted to punch just about every customer in the throat yesterday. It was to the point that if any customer really complained about the price and it wasn't too off from what it scanned, I just gave it to them so I didn't have to hear their whiny bitching. I'll tell you, most of those customers yesterday had something stuck up their asses. Must be the glorious holiday season!

I wonder... do the customers just go through the store, throw shit in and then come to the register and hope and pray that it falls under your magic budget number? I don't know how many fucking times I had to hear, "Don't let me go over [x # of dollars]." I hate this. It holds up the line because you're contemplating what you're getting when you discover that the cart of shit is more than $100 (I know! Who'd have thought that would be possible at Walmart?) It's not my job to keep you within budget. If you're really that worried, mentally add up some of the things in your cart so you have a ballpark figure. And if that requires too much brain power for the stupid, shambling, consuming masses why don't you bring a calculator?!?!?!

The above scenario often leads to this one: I'm wildly scanning away, hoping I'll get to the bottom of my endless line and the customer halts the transaction, "WAIT! I thought my hideous grandma-shirt turtleneck was $5!!!!!" It's then that I've decided that I have no qualms saying, "I have no idea, I'm just a cashier." That's become my new favorite cop out. I have employed it many times now. What I really want to say is, "I don't know, I just ring your shit up." Maybe I should use that on the last day?

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