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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Motorized Cart People

Today is snow day number three. I am not traipsing through knee-deep snow to my bus stop where I can wait for a bus that might or might not come and might or might not kill me on the icy roads on the way there just so I can stand behind a register for eight hours and listen to people bitch.

All this time at home has given me some wonderful time to watch my neighbors though. It's been hilarious to watch their various tactics for getting out of the snow/ice. These past few days if I have heard squealing tires, I run to the window and frantically search for the source. I've made a few observations:

1.) Towels/jackets do not work at gaining traction.

I saw this a few minutes ago. The white truck in the background has a towel/jacket under the back tire. I just saw it ricochet clear past the stop sign, it was hilarious.

2.) People severely overestimate their strength and actually believe that they can by sheer muscle move their car and push it out of the ice.
3.) Boiling water on the stove and applying it to the snow/ice around your rear tires is not a good idea. For some reason the water cools down and creates more ice, who would have thought?!
4.) People will risk their lives on the roads for the most mundane things.

I'm even pretty sure that people risked their lives to go to Walmart. Not me. Nor will I ever put myself in any danger to be present at that job.

They probably risked their lives so they can go and spend more money because the snow closed all the malls and it's the only store that would be dumb enough to still be open in this inclement weather even though half the staff called off. Hopefully the snow scared off one type of customer because of their inability to shop and travel in the snow: the Motorized Cart People.

As a customer and now as an employee I have noticed that the Motorized Cart People are some of the meanest and most bitterly, inexplicably rude people that I have ever seen. I don't know if it's just their normal attitude to be complete douches or if they are complete douches because their butts are planted in a motorized cart that advertises to the world their inability to be mobile (or their overweightyness). Motorized Cart People are always accompanied by an individual who is usually bashed and berated for the entire shopping trip. They have to do the job of both people (because usually the MCP are just sitting there ready to press a button to move and that's it) and just generally look down trodden. I'd feel sorry for them but they let the MCP push them around.

And what's worse than a regular MCP? It's a Motorized Cart Mom. I've seen them many times and they're usually with their adult son (who probably lives at home still). They scream, belittle and call them names. It's really uncomfortable for me because I'm torn between sympathy for the sap that has to live with the bitch and irritation because I just want them both to leave.

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