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Friday, December 31, 2010

In-Flight Observations

While I would never ever pay for in-flight internet service, because today is New Year's Eve they are offering it for free! So, I'm posting from my flight to Atlanta, GA (which is wonderfully far from Virginia Walmart).

Yesterday, I did go to work for the first time since Christmas Eve and as I walked through the store I was still haunted by the horrible memories of that day. It was also not as busy. It seems that a lot of people must now be broke and can't afford to shop at Walmart (at least until the food stamps kick in at the beginning of the month). Tomorrow will be the food stamp rush and I will happily be missing it. I had the misfortune to work during the first of the month in December and it was the worst week ever. My back ached and my arm muscles screamed because of all the shit people were buying. I'm so glad to be missing that.

Work yesterday wasn't too bad except for the fact that I was more anxious than usual to get off because of my trip home today. I noticed that from my five day absence, I had forgotten quite a few things. My first few customers must have thought I was the shittiest cashier ever because everything screwed up: register tape was out, credit machine wasn't working, etc... It was so easy for me to forget other things too like the produce codes. It was just easier over the last five days to pretend that Walmart was just a bad dream.

Today instead of relating some observations in the customer service world, I'm going to relate some observations that I've made about flying. Firstly, as I was sitting in my seat and waiting for the flight to take off I was watching the flight attendants help various people shove their superfluous amount of carry=ons, I couldn't help but wish I could stumble upon a flight attendants blog that is along the same lines as mine. I'm sure they'd have some great stories of customer stupidity.

One of the last few people to get on the plane (a extremely disheveled-looking family) at 5:45 am burst into tears because... the family's seats weren't together (?). Or... I'm assuming that's what it was but a grown woman was in tears when she saw she had to sit somewhere else in the plane than her husband and kids. It was ridiculous.

Everytime I fly I am just surprised at how much shit people feel the need to bring on a plane. I've got my purse and my laptop case and that's it. Why does someone really need that much stuff for a flight? It's like they're thinking, "Oh no! What if my hair goes flat and I need my curling iron but it's in my checked bag?! Better bring it on..." or "You never know when you're going to need that yoga mat! I better toss it in my carry-on."

And then there's kids. There's a on-and-off crying kid that is sitting diagonally from us. There's also about three or four other kids scattered around this flight, we're surrounded! Too bad you can't check your kids with the luggage. I even saw one kid throw his pacifier in the row behind him and nail some poor guy in the face. Nice.

How come as soon as that seat belt sign goes off, there's always somebody in the bathroom already? It's like they tightened their seatbelt too tightly down on their bladder and they've been in agony since take off. Throughout the flight there's always someone in the bathroom also It seems people try their hardest to at least visit the bathroom on the plane once. Me, on the other hand, try my hardest to avoid that airplane bathroom like the plague. I don't find sitting on a bucket=sized toilet in a tiny metal room, not my idea of a fun time.

The airplane bathroom is nothing compared to a bathroom on a train. I took a train from Arizona to LA one time that had originated in Florida and that bathroom was in worse condition than a port-a-potty at a state fair after an intense chili cook-off. They're also really tiny too so not only was it extremely dirty but you had minimal room to navigate what small spots were clean. Yuck.

Time to doze now.

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