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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Customers Fail at Life

I don't even know where to begin to talk about yesterday, Christmas Eve. Walmart was a fucking mad house, to be completely blunt. Firstly, I should have known from the looks of the traffic that things were going to be terrible. I was twenty-five minutes late because the parking lot and the streets around Walmart were packed, busy and full of procrastinating assholes.

For the first few hours of my shift, instead of being thrust onto a register I was shoved into doing re-shop (which is sorting all the shit people discard at registers and check lines into their respective departments). I hate doing re-shop. My first assignment was to take a cart of items back to the toy section. They might as well have thrown me into a pool of hungry sharks because at any turn, people were tripping over themselves to ask me stupid questions. I utilized the "I'm just a cashier" excuse many times. This seems to be acceptable to people as if their reasoning is, "Oh, just a cashier. I get it, she's stupid." And I don't especially care if they reach that conclusion either. I don't give a fuck.

I did re-shop for four hours. I took items to toys (the worst), bath and home sections and even grocery. I thought the home and bath sections might be clearer of people. I was wrong. For some reason people thought fucking Christmas Eve in the very center of shopping rush hour would be a wonderful time to outfit their home with new, cheapy made-in-China Walmart mini blinds. Or an iron. Or a fucking chef's hat. Yes, someone asked me if we had chef's hats. (I know someone's going to have a shitty Christmas if that's what they're going to be opening up.)

I had many dumb and irritating questions. While I was busy mentally chanting a mantra of "Don't ask me a question, don't ask me a question" someone stopped me to ask me where the lip gloss would be. "Would it be in grocery?" Really? Lip gloss would be in grocery and not in fucking cosmetics?! I wanted to scream in her face, "You FAIL AT LIFE!"

I seriously have no idea how these people make it in their day to day lives with their complete lack of self-sufficiency. When they walk through the fucking double doors at Walmart they expect to have everything catered to them just because they breathe. As a customer, I usually try to solve my own problem before bothering someone with asking a question. If something's not in the section after a thorough search, I then ask. And when I DO ask, I don't say it in a fucking rude way like some people do. Yesterday, I heard many "Excuse me...," "Ma'am...," and "Where is the..." But what I hate is when I make a brief eye contact with someone and they just simply state something as if it's a question.

"Potatoes." And that's it. That's fucking rude. Is it really that hard to form a damn sentence? I remember many times greeting someone at my old job (a small grocery/convenience store) and they don't even say hello back but bark that one word question/statement. After that exchange, I have labeled you an ASS.

As bad as my job can be sometimes, I really feel for the custodial staff. At 8:00 when we were closing the doors, one of the customers alerted me that some girl was puking all over the toilet in the bathroom. Just another example of the kinda sick fucks that are out there in society (and in Walmart). No one wants to clean up after themselves. I felt so bad watching the little custodial lady go in there and run out and stand by her cleaning cart with a wrinkled nose while the stupid puker emptied her guts in the Walmart bathroom. (They really shouldn't call it a 'ladies' room because sometimes there's nothing lady-like about what goes on in there.)

We had everyone out of the store by 8:15 (including the glassy-eyed puker who I saw stumbling out of the bathroom) and then for the rest of the time all of the cashiers were doing re-shop. A fellow cashier and I had not had our last breaks yet so we sat down for a few minutes. Another cashier (who I mentally just call her Trailer Park Girl because I don't know her name, nor care to... she looks white trashy) walked by like she was the Queen of the Cashiers and asked aloud, "Why do we have people sitting down?" The CSM simply answered, "Because they're tired." TPG then answers, "Well, I'm tired too but you don't see me sitting down." Fucking pissed me off. Get over yourself, girl.

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