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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Can Stuff Your 'Congratulations' Up Your...

After being off since the day after Valentine's Day, today is my first day back.  I have two shifts, today and tomorrow from 4:30-11 and I hope I can get through them without having a panic attack, pulling my hair out, or attacking a customer and beating their head against the ground.

Most of my day yesterday comprised of looking at every job site I could think of to try and find something that I can send a resume to.  I came up empty handed.  This caused me to have a very shitty day and for my husband to come home from his totally crappy day and have to deal with his blubbering, crying wife. 

To top it off, I got this in the mail: 

Congratulations! NOT
Apparently, this little stupid card is worthy of being congratulated over.  Now I can save 10% on SOME items.  This is just damn depressing.  That means I've been at this shit hole for over 90 days. 

And the people at Walmart assumed that my last name was the same as my husband's because he's now Mr. MyLastName.  Nice. 

Speaking of these stupid cards, I see them being abused all the time.  Associates shopping with friends will swipe their cards first and then let their friends pay the difference.  It's not supposed to be used like that but, because I don't have an interest in what Walmart loses money in, I choose not to say anything. 

Another stupid thing about Walmart: they only sell edited CDs.  Now this concept, I don't really get because they can sell rated R movies that SHOW things as well as say bad things.  What sense does that make?  

I'm not quite sure how today is going to go.  Either way, I know it's going to be filled with misery, lots of clock watching, annoying people, and screaming babies.  Oh, what a wonderful job. 

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