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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Hell

Yesterday's Quit-O-Meter: 9.8

For my entire shift it was non-stop customers.  The combination of military payday and impending Valentine's Day created a perfect storm and my personal hell.  It was a hassle just to walk to the back room to clock in and wade through the throng of people.  One of the door greeters mentioned that it had been a crazy day and that's when you know it's been bad.  You can't even stand at a fucking door and say "hello" to customers without feeling overwhelmed.  It almost made me want to snap at her and say, "Oh, you think that's bad?  Try having non-stop customers and bagging their shit over and over.  Standing in front of the door is cake!!"  

After my shift my entire body ached, especially my back.  Maybe I'm too tall or something but bending down and bagging really gets to my back sometimes.  I think it might have something to do with the height difference, practically every cashier and service manager is shorter than me.  It makes it difficult to look for a manager because I usually end up looking over them because they are all so tiny.

Another thing about Valentine's Day: the expensive candy.  And I'm so happy that I'm paying for people to buy that expensive Valentine's candy with their food stamp card.  WHAT THE FUCK!?  Feed your damn kids!  I have no problem with people using their card to feed their families because some financial misfortune has befallen you.  But besides a few people, everyone I've seen using it buys the most junk food I have ever seen.  I also enjoy the fact that some of the women have nice and expensive Coach purses with matching wallets and a manicure.  If you can afford that shit, you can afford food.  Same goes for cigarettes and alcohol. 

I'm pretty sure that Valentine's Day will be the last shitty holiday I have to put up with at Walmart.  There's been Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, and now Valentine's Day.  I'm fed up with the holidays at Walmart.  When does it end in our consumer-driven culture?  Buy, buy, buy!  "I need food for Thanksgiving, so much food that I'll end up throwing away half of it!  I need STUFF for Christmas... and FOOD.  I need to eat and drink when I watch the football game!  Don't forget all the chocolate candies I need to eat on Valentine's Day.  I want so much chocolate, I'm going to melt it and inject it right into my bloodstream!  MORE FOOD!!!"  It's no wonder that our nation is a nation of fatasses.  We can't do anything or go anywhere without eating.  Whether it's a concert, the movie theater, the fair, or airplanes, we can't go anywhere without stuffing our faces.  It's embarrassing. 

There's been a study done that America wastes half of the nation's food supply.  HALF!  Yet, we have people fucking starving on the streets and people making Epic Mealtime (though... Epic Mealtime is kinda funny).  And everyday more and more people graze off to Walmart to gather more food. 

Here's another fun fact courtesy of one of my undergrad Sociology classes: In countries where food is prominent (as in the US), a slim physique is the ideal.  In countries where food is scarce, a plumper body frame is most desirable. 

I thought that was interesting and not a very complex idea, but something I didn't bother to think about before.  It seems either way, you can't win. 

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