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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Worse Than Cashiering

I can think of two jobs off of the top of my head that are worse than being a cashier: hotel housekeeping and custodian.

I have seen people tear through a store and leave it a disaster in a matter of hours so I don't even want to think about what a hotel housekeeping has to deal with when people stay in one room for over twelve hours. That has got to be a complete nightmare. That's why when I stay in a hotel, I usually think of the hotel staff and I try to be as least bothersome as possible. I clean up my trash, hang the towels up, and wipe around the sink. When I brush my hair there are hairs that naturally fall out and I clean those up to avoid someone else having to deal with my stray hairs. I mean, I would find that most disgusting so I figure so would the housekeeping staff.

A clip from The Office: 

Sometimes I think that if people weren't so naturally fucking disgusting, a lot of hotel rooms wouldn't be so gross.  I'm positive there are times where housekeeping staff are lazy and maybe don't properly clean up.  But seriously.... people are disgusting.

They'll bleed on the floor of the Taco Bell lobby (that happened not too long ago, actually) or leave their poopy pants in plain sight in the bathroom instead of shoving them further into the trash (saw that on People of Walmart, coincidentally).  They'll leave half-eaten food around the store or dirty diapers in the parking lot (my poor husband had to deal with that a lot when he worked at Toys R Us a few years ago).  For some reason the rules of cleaning up after ones self doesn't apply when you are in a public place where there's most likely someone who's job it is to clean up.  

I've had really messy customers who have had a drink and spilled it all over the floor and have watched me clean up after themselves.  I've had a guy who had a wet paper towel and has wrung it out all over the floor which made me want to kick him in the chins and ask him if he's ever heard of a lawsuit waiting to happen.  But, people don't think about that kind of stuff because they either don't give a shit or their brains haven't thought that far ahead. 

I remember one time at my last job a customer informed me that someone had thrown up in one of the aisles.  My first thought was, "UGH!  People are fucking sick!"  What kind of asshole just pukes and leaves?!  If it were me, I would do anything to get rid of the evidence.  And what made it worse is that the bathroom was TEN feet away.  What kinda lazy ass sicko would just puke and leave?! 

When I reached the puking aftermath I was just initially stunned.  For being vomit it had no smell.  For a few moments I was skeptical that it was even vomit, it had the appearance of canned cat food.  I was hoping it was cat food.  Upon further examination it was not but, it was disgusting and terrible to clean up.  It was times like that I'd wished we had a store custodian.  

Being a custodian would be a terrible job and being a school custodian would have to be the worst.  The horror stories my elementary aged brother would tell me had the potential to give me nightmares.  It just further drives home the point that kids are really repulsive.  It's no wonder they didn't find custodians who had hung themselves in the bathroom after finding a particularly gnarly mess.

One thing I can't comprehend is how one, sitting on a toilet can miss.  That surprisingly happens a lot... poor custodians. 

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