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Monday, February 7, 2011

Here's The Keys, Bye!

In the grand tradition of Walmart throwing you into a job before receiving the training, I arrived to work yesterday and was stuck in the jewelry section.  I was handed keys, briefly shown the register and was left alone to answer questions that should've been answered by someone who worked in the section.  Apparently everyone in the jewelry section had called off and I was one of the last resorts. 

"Where's the watch bands?"
"What type of batteries go in these watches?"
"Are you having a sale on sterling silver?"

These are the types of questions that I don't know the answers to.   You know how shitty it is to see the looks  on people's faces when you have to say, "Um, I don't normally work in this section so I don't really know."  It's fucking uncomfortable!  After the first hour I was relieved and sent to a register and more familiar territory.  Other than that and getting asked who my team for the Super Bowl was a million times (I didn't care), time went pretty quickly.  Unfortunately I have to work 8-12 am tonight which is a short yet annoying shift. 

Here's a weird observation: Trailer Park Girl dyed her hair the same color as mine.  Before, I was the only cashier with my hair color and length and now hers looks the same (except hers is unstyled, uncombed, and greasy).  Just... weird. 

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